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Louis Vuitton Repair Service

Louis Vuitton Repair Service

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Ensuring the longevity of your Louis Vuitton pieces.

Precious keepsakes, Louis Vuitton collections are designed to stand the test of time, crafted with exceptional savoir-faire and innovative techniques to optimize their durability.

With a history of repair services spanning over 160 years, dating back to the first recorded product repair in 1860, the Maison now rejuvenates over 600,000 pieces annually. This innovative repair process allows not only the preservation of Louis Vuitton creations for their safe passage through the generations, but also of its legacy and commitment to savoir-faire and craftmanship, through the complete restoration of historic trunks.

In keeping with its broader sustainability efforts, Louis Vuitton collections undergo environmental impact analyses throughout the entire creative process, to optimize reparability and ensure a long product lifecycle. A global network of 12 dedicated Repair Ateliers allows 98% of repairs to be completed locally, thereby limiting transportation-related CO2 emissions.

With the unique savoir-faire of the Maison’s 1,200 artisans and specialists and the use of original materials for repairs in-store and regionally, Louis Vuitton ensures the longevity of your pieces, safeguarding precious memories, whilst strengthening its commitment to a long-term sustainability journey.


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