Sustainability commitment

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Sustainability commitment

Our Committed Journey

As part of Louis Vuitton’s sustainable development roadmap Our Committed Journey, the Maison aims to both preserve natural resources as well as have a positive impact on the communities with which we engage for our Jewelry Collections.

Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)

RJC certification of all Louis Vuitton jewelry since 2012 confirms the strict adherence to the Council’s moral, labor, social and environmental Code of Practices. The RJC is the internationally recognized organization that sets standards for supply chain integrity and sustainability in the jewelry industry.

Kimberley Process

All of Louis Vuitton’s diamonds have been acquired in compliance with the Kimberley Process, meaning they come from legitimate sources that are considered “conflict free”. The Kimberley Process is a multilateral trade regime established in 2003 uniting countries and organizations worldwide to prevent the flow of rough diamonds sold to finance conflicts.


Debuting for the LV Diamonds Collection and in keeping with the Maison’s legacy of innovation, Louis Vuitton presents the first-ever secure digital diamond certificate. A cutting-edge solution for diamond traceability and responsible sourcing, this transparent, unalterable digital certificate uses Aura blockchain technology to store each stone’s unique characteristics, provenance, and journey, guaranteeing the safeguarding of this data indefinitely.

Stone Journey


Each diamond’s journey began over a billion years ago and hundreds of miles below the Earth’s mantle when intense heat and pressure crystallized pure carbon molecules. Carried by the force of volcanic eruptions, these precious crystals have found their way to the Earth’s surface around the globe. Louis Vuitton sources its rough diamonds from trusted suppliers with access to the finest stones.

Rough Screening

A diamond’s journey from Earth to jewelry starts when it is sorted and selected in its rough state according to its shape, color, clarity, and fluorescence. Louis Vuitton only selects the finest rough diamonds, carefully planning the optimal way to cut each stone and bring out the best of its potential.

Cutting & Polishing

A team of specialized artisans cut and polish the diamond in Belgium or India, two of the world’s historic gemstone capitals with unrivaled traditions perfecting stones. Whether as a classic brilliant cut or the distinctive LV Monogram Star cut, each diamond requires extraordinary craftsmanship and savoir-faire to give it its final multi-faceted shape and shiny appearance.

Quality Control

With the goal of proposing only the most exquisite diamonds, Louis Vuitton’s quality experts in France not only verify the cut and polish but also the characteristics of the stone such as its color and clarity.


Each center stone is mounted by hand by artisans in France or Italy who carefully bring each LV Diamonds piece to life with refined, highly detailed settings featuring delicate V-shaped prongs or flower-shaped bezels.