Pur Oud

6,300 AED (VAT included)
Pur Oud
6,300 AED

Between light and shadow, the true beauty of the most precious wood of all.

It is said to be the scent of paradise. Emblematic of olfactory culture in the Middle East, oud is a journey unto itself, an immobile escape through time and space. A raw material of such depth and so many facets that it seems to contain all the others. Woody notes, deep as eternity, conceal animalistic, ambery and spicy facets. To glorify the raw beauty of a natural wonder, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud dared take a radical stand, composing a fragrance of absolute minimalism, just three ingredients, like a bespoke showcase for a rare essence of oud assam, in an immoderate dose of 10% of the formula. Steeped in the luminous softness of a cocoon of white musks, the ‘Wood of the Gods’ reveals all the richness of its dark, powerful and eternally mysterious character.

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