Fashion - Accessories 10/06

How to style this season's silk scarves

With vibrant patterns that highlight the Maison’s signatures and iconic elements, Louis Vuitton presents a selection of silk scarves for Summer 2021.

Headscarf Wrap

An ode to the 70s, this style is achieved by folding a square scarf in half, knotting it above the hair and simply folding the excess fabric under the knot.

The Front Knot

On everyday classic, this look easily goes from day to night for an added pop of color. Using a square scarf, evenly drape around the neck. Cross and tie the two ends, letting the fabric hang loose in the front.

The shoulder wrap

Elevate any look with a colorful touch simply by folding a square scarf in half diagonally to create a triangle and draping it around the neck. Tie a double knot with the loose ends and rotate the knot to the shoulder.

The easy knot

A chic way to avoid catching a chill on a cool summer evening, this method is achieved by folding a square scarf in half diagonally to form a triangle. Wrap the two opposite corners around the neck, bring them back to the front and tie in a loose double knot. The position of the knot can be adjusted, adding slight variations to the look.

The Selection

Looped, knotted, braided, or twisted, this season’s silk squares add a playful touch in bold motifs and Monogram effects. Iconic and timeless, Louis Vuitton silk scarves can be worn in a variety of ways, making them the perfect addition to any summer look.

Monogram Confidential Square 90 1,960 AED
Monogram 3D Bandeau 965 AED
Essential V hoops 1,790 AED
Tribute To Square 90 1,960 AED