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Women's Fall-Winter 2020: Highlights

Women's Fall-Winter 2020: Highlights

Another look at the latest Louis Vuitton Women's Collection, in Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquière's own words.


What is the inspiration behind this collection?

In fashion, the notion of time is primordial. I wanted different eras to be confronted with another one, our own. All of these “pasts”, embodied by a gallery of personalities in period dress, converge in our present. We are all together, looking at a collection that itself recounts a living, perennial, stylistic clash — and everything we can do with clothes by mixing and free-associating them. It’s sort of an anachronism of genres. It can simply be the pleasure of dressing and its many possibilities, free of protocol or constraint. Taking what we already have at home and mixing it with what we like that’s new. This collection is about an “anti-total-look” that draws on individual personality, on the agility one experiences when confronting one’s own closet. A piece of functional clothing can be part of formal dress, and vice versa. It’s a proposition I wanted to be open, energetic and spontaneous. This collection is about sartorial “tuning”.

What about the accessories?

There’s the Keepall — a pure, vintage piece that acquired a beautiful patina over time. We just customized it with a new strap. There are also small satchels, mini-totes and strange little streamlined minaudières. Shoes also illustrate a very free rein: revisited boots, metal cap-toe pumps that evoke wheel rims on a customized car.

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