Fashion - Accessories 04/06

Men's Sunglasses 2021

With perfectly refined lines and futuristic accents, Louis Vuitton pushes the limits with Virgil Abloh's signature sunglasses of the Fall-Winter 2021 show.

The Film

Bringing a modern aesthetic, the latest men’s sunglasses combine the Maison’s craftsmanship with an avant-garde design, paying tribute to a vintage model from the Fall-Winter 2006 show. The bold mask-shaped square frames give the glasses a unique style, while the details recall the Maison’s iconic codes.

The Collection

Featuring a deep bevel design, the eye is drawn to the center of the lenses where Louis Vuitton’s signature Monogram flower is affixed with four crystals. Available in monochrome black and marbled green versions, the pure and symmetrical lines echo the architecture of the Barcelona Pavilion, which was the backdrop of the Fall-Winter 2021 Men’s show.

The Selection