Fashion - Ready-to-Wear 13/11

Men’s Spring-Summer 2021 Pre-Collection

With this intermediary collection, Virgil Abloh renews his intention to transmit - via channels of nuance - the core values of diversity, unity, and inclusion.

Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Artistic Director imbues luxury with the visual language of the community out of which he was borne, and re-appropriates elitist codes into symbols of inclusivity. By the timeless and trendless nature of intermediary collections, those ethics are purified into enduring wardrobe staples: fashion designed to last, consciously as well as materially.

Essential Requirements

The collection finds its point of departure by focusing on the essential weather-oriented requirements of the everyday wardrobe. A timeless circular take on the flower Monogram appears throughout the collection along with a leaf Monogram evocative of camouflage.

Classic Notions

Formality is embraced and transformed in a traditional suit adorned with a cut-out gouging technique, and in new takes on tailoring that border classic notions of workwear and pajamas.

LVSE Reversible Monogram Down Blouson 12,900 AED
LVSE Reversible Monogram Down Blouson 12,900 AED
Cigarette Trousers 4,150 AED

The Selection

Tapestry Monogram Sweatshirt 5,100 AED